Hazelnut Cakes

A layer of hazelnut cake,and hazelnut cream


Puff pastry filled with bavarian cream and topped with caramel

Mixed Berry Rolada

Vanilla sponge cake with mixed berries and whipped cream

Mango Delight

Sponge cake filled with fresh mango pieces, mango mousse and clear glaze

Italian Cannoli

Italian cannoli filled with ricotta cheese

Black Forrest

Chocolate cake soaked in cherry kirsch with cherries, whipped cream and shaved chocolate

Mini Eclair

A layer of whipped cream with custard and bread covered with chocolate ganache

Tiramisu Cheesecake

Graham crackers, cream cheese , lemon and vanilla

Vanilla Cakes

Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream and topped with whipped cream

Café Mocha

A layered of chocolate cake with french mocha cream

Chocolate Bombe

Sponge cake filled with white bavarian cream and dark chocolate mousse then covered with chocolate ganache with white chocolate drizzles

Plain Cheesecake

Rich New York style cheesecake

Fruit Tart Fancy

A cookie shell torte filled with vanilla cream, fresh fruits, topped with apricot glaze

White Cheese Cake

White chocolate top and cheesecake on bottom layer

Mini Hazelnut

Hazelnut cake with hazelnut cream filling

Mini Mango

A bottom layer with sponge cake filled with mango mousse and topped with clear glaze


Savarin soaked with rum, filled pastry cream and whipped cream topped with apricot glaze


Ladyfingers soaked in espresso, filled with mascarpone cheese and finished with espresso glaze

Crème Brulée

Rich vanilla custard caramelized with brown sugar

Black Forest

Chocolate cake with cherries, whipped cream, and topped with shaved chocolate

Strawberry Mousse

A layer of white cake with strawberry mousse filling

Banana Mousse

White cake with banana mousse filling

Cappuccino Mousse

White sponge cake with cappuccino mousse and chocolate dipped and topped with whipped cream


Vanilla and chocolate cake mixed with rum and covered with chocolate sprinkles

Passion Fruit Mousse

A combination of passion fruit mousse and raspberry mousse layered in white sponge cake

Chocolate Box

Rich chocolate cake filled with light chocolate mousse then wrapped in dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate shavings

Cappuccino Cups

White sponge cake with cappuccino mousse and chocolate mousse dipped and topped with cream

Trio Mousse

White cake, white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache

Chocolate Florentine Cannolis

An almond based cannoli filled with light chocolate mousse

Dark & White Wafer Cannoli

Wafer cannoli filled with white and dark chocolate mousse

Mini Chocolate Truffle

A layer of chocolate cake with rich chocolate truffle trim

Blueberry/ Strawberry Cheesecake

Rich New York cheesecake with blueberry or strawberry on top

Caramel Apple Mousse

White sponge cake and caramel mousse with apples inside topped with caramel whipped cream

White Chocolate Mousse

White sponge cake filled with white chocolate mousse and a touch of chocolate ganache then topped with whipped cream

Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry

Chocolate cake with a touch of raspberry flavor filled with dark chocolate mousse, topped with raspberry glaze

Vanilla and Lemon Meringue

Vanilla cake with lemon curd, lemon mousse filling and torched whipped cream

Strawberry Shortcake

A white cake with strawberries and bavarian cream

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate cake with rich chocolate truffle trim

Tres Leches

Vanilla cake soaked in three types of milk, with caramel mousse filling and whipped cream frosting

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake filled with cream cheese frosting inside and out, and a thin layer of french buttercream on top

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake with buttercream filling and buttercream frosting

Eclair Cake

Vanilla cake with vanilla custard, chocolate mousse and whipped cream filling, covered with chocolate ganache